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About Ani

Ani Black became interested in natural health as a child when her Aunt Clara introduced her to the many ways one can heal the body naturally. Aunt Clara's methods seemed quite foreign in those drugs-treat-disease times, yet Clara - born in the year 1900 - was a hundred years or more ahead of her time. Ani was intrigued by everything Aunt Clara did to take care of her health as a senior. Clara lived to be a hundred using almost exclusively natural methods to heal herself.

Growing up in the polluted industrial East, Ani moved to the West Coast of Canada in 1975 and was thrown into the leading edge natural health and nutrition movement. California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia has been on the forefront of natural health for decades, leading the way in nutrition and supplementation and natural healing modalities.

From her father Ani learned the wisdom of gardening. While her father was a dental surgeon, he grew up on a farm and wherever he lived, he grew a great garden. Ani definitely got the gardening gene from her Dad! Growing food and flowers is a passion and her lifelong powerful connection with Mother Earth is life sustaining for Ani.

In 1996, after two decades of taking mediocre vitamin supplements to compliment her nutrition practices, Ani was introduced to the products from USANA Health Sciences. It was this introduction to USANA (Greek for "true health) that rocketed Ani's life's work into an entirely new direction.

USANA Health Sciences were the first to make supplements to pharmaceutical quality. A big difference in quality made a massive difference in results. Ani began working with the company and began sharing the superior USANA supplements and health products with everyone interested in optimal health.

Fast forward to 2014, eighteen years later, Ani has helped thousands of people achieve better health and well being with nutrition and supplement programs designed to their needs and goals – and in all age groups.

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