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Ani Black checking her Million Dollar Club photo and speaking on the Technology Stage, USANA International Convention 2009, Salt Lake City


Ani Black is a passionate advocate and promoter of preventative health and well being for all age groups and performance levels. Ani leads an international team of people based in every country USANA does business in (28 countries and growing).

Ani founded BTI – Best Team International – in 1999 to support anyone, anywhere, to dramatically improve their physical and financial health with USANA. USANA offers an exceptional business plan for anyone who wants to earn part time, get their products paid for or replace/exceed current income. Talk to Ani – she wasn't looking for a business when she joined USANA yet over time, sharing USANA evolved into an international business that took her far beyond her wildest dreams of time and financial freedom.

Ani Black is a professional speaker and teacher on holistic health for all ages and she is a international business expert. Contact Ani for information about speaking at your upcoming event or symposium:

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