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Ani Ian Dr.Oz


About Health

SAVE YOUR MONEY!! When you buy products RETAIL at any store, you are definitely PAYING TOO MUCH!

Buying superior USANA supplements and health products DIRECT at WHOLESALE preferred prices eliminates several middlemen who take over 75% of the cost of that product in revenue. Retail is the world's oldest method of marketing goods. It is very costly for both the consumer and the retailer. TIMES HAVE CHANGED: retailers make a HUGE profit from a FEW customers in a LOCAL environment. People who buy direct pay only a TINY markup because MANY customers buy in a GLOBAL environment.

Just 30 years ago, only 2 in 10 people bought vitamins. Today it is 8 in 10 people. Most people spend more on their car than they do on their primary vehicle -- their body -- yet our body cannot be traded in or replaced! Care for our bodies should take greater priority than care for our home or car.

Science shows the body needs a PRECISE BALANCE of 6 nutrients on a DAILY basis to stay healthy: 4 MACRO nutrients (food) - water, fat, protein and carbohydrates and 2 MICRO nutrients - vitamins and minerals. An imbalance in any of these 6 critical body-building blocks can result in illness, even death. Take care of your primary vehicle with the best nutritional supplements and personal care products you can buy – USANA!

USANA Health Sciences is dedicated to GREEN manufacturing for the health of our planet.

Ani portrait Ani's journey started simply: a friend told her about USANA (Greek for 'true health'). Ani began taking the USANA products and experienced "the USANA Difference' - highest quality = best results. Today Ani shares USANA with everyone - friends, family, her community - and the world via the internet! Everyone wants good health and energy. Most people are surprised that they can feel so much better when they take optimal supplementation!

Let's get you started on the USANA road to health and freedom!

Contact Ani at: 1-250-388-0340 or

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